One Minute Quick Service

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The One Minute Critic talks about “Quick Service,” by P.G. Wodehouse. Just go read it, it’s wonderful.

OMC Micronations

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A short review of the Lonely Planet guide to Micronations, which are sometimes on abandoned anti-aircraft platforms in the North Sea, sometimes in people's apartments, and sometimes on wheels.

OMC Ned Mouse Breaks Away

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Ned Mouse Breaks Away, by Tim Wynn Jones, reviewed.

OMC Post Captain

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Post Captain, by Patrick Obrian, audiobook, reviewed.

OMC Master and Commander

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Master and Commander, by Patrick Obrian, audiobook, reviewed.

One Minute Geronimo Stilton

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Geronimo Stilton, the Phantom of the Subway, reviewed in the natural light of a library without electricity.

OMC One Beastly Beast

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One Beastly Beast, by Garth Nix, reviewed.

OMC George and Martha

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The collected stories of George and Martha, by James Marshall, reviewed.

One Minute Magic Circle

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Magic Circle, by Donna Jo Napoli, reviewed.

One Minute Supernatural Rubber Chicken

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“Supernatural Rubber Chicken,” reviewed.