One Minute List – Cookbooks that are very specific

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A list of cookbooks that have a very specific use – if you find yourself in possession of several boxes of Chinese vegetables, for example, or if it’s blueberry season, or if you’d really like to hunt for your own wild game and then cook it while at the Indie 500.  Maybe your in-laws are Trekkies, and you want to impress them with an authentic Klingon Thanksgiving Feast.  Or you’ve just met a time traveler, and you’d like to cook them something from their own time, so that their internal workings don’t freak out when suddenly accosted by the masses of chemicals and poisons in modern processed food.  You know, normal, everyday stuff like that.

2 comments so far

  1. Angela on

    I love your blog….

    Here is one of my favorite cookbooks…vegetarian and raw foodies will like this one. Or maybe they won’t.

  2. supercrazylibrarianguy on

    Sadly, my library doesn’t have the Rasta Cookbook – I’d love to take a peek into it! Thanks for the comment, too!

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