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One Minute Roswitha

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The Plays of Roswitha, also spelled Hrotsvitha, of Gandersheim, reviewed.  In particular, “Paphnutius,” and “Abraham” are examined.

One Minute Nation

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“Nation” by Terry Pratchett.  Go Terry!

One Minute We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay!

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“We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay!” by Dario Fo, reviewed.  Someone produce this play, and then tell me where you’re doing it, so I can come and watch it!

One Minute Chibi Vampire vol. 2

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“Chibi Vampire, vol. 2”  reviewed.  The series is getting better!

One Minute Thousand Splendid Suns

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A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, reviewed.

One Minute Johnny Cash Biography

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“Johnny Cash: The Biography” by Michael Streissguth, reviewed by one of my favorite reviewers!

One Minute No Exit

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“No Exit,” by JP Sartre is one of the more famous plays in the world, probably because so many college students have existential crises and find solace in Sartre’s cheery discourse on the hellishness of having to spend time with people.

One Minute Henry IV

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“Henry IV,” by Luigi Pirandello, reviewed.  AKA, Enrico IV.  It’s not Pirandello’s take on Shakespeare, either. 

One Minute Largo Desolato

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“Largo Desolato,” by Vaclav Havel is one of my top 5 favorite plays of all time. Someday, when I have the coin, I’ll start a little theatre and produce plays like LD, and other of my favorite works. Sure, I might have to pay people to come see them, too, but maybe I can make up that expense with banner ads and commercial breaks in the play.

One Minute Memorandum

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“The Memorandum,” by Vaclav Havel, reviewed.  I wish I could have done the review in ptydepe, but i could never get an English to ptydepe translation to work properly.  But, as they say, “Ra ko hutu d dekotu ely trebomu emusohe, vdegar yd, stro reny er gryk kendy, alyv zvyde dezu, kvyndal fer teknu sely.”