Stats and stuff for the OMC

Well, let’s see… only 8 days left to the big event, and here’s the stats for the OMC so far.

Total videos posted:  107

Total YouTube views:  8,500 +/-

Total views:  4,800 +/-

Most viewed video on YouTube:  One Minute Murakami – 1,428

Most viewed video on  One Minute Murder Mysteries – 686

Best day ever – 6/4/08 on both YouTube and – hundreds of views that day.  not sure why, unless someone somewhere with a big readership talked about the OMC and I didn’t hear about it through my pings and RSS feeds and blah-de-bloo.

All in all – things are going very well.  I’ve met my initial goal, which was 100 videos by the end of May, 2008.  Well, I missed the day of #100 by a couple days, but I let myself get off with a warning.  My next goal is for 500 videos by May of next year, which means I need to collect just over 1 video per day.  I think I can do it.  I might need your help.

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