Well, the One Minute Critic has reached a major milestone – my first video to break 1,000 views! The video in question is “One Minute Murakami” and I think it’s enjoyed the level of popularity it has mainly due to it having Murakami in the title. Haruki Murakami is a Japanese author with a huge cult following in the US and Japan both. His novels, especially “Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End Of The World,” and “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle,” but also most of his other novels, have dedicated fans and followers. Part of it, too, seems to be that success builds on itself – that videos with more views get viewed more, basically. On YouTube’s start page, there are all kinds of video displays, including “Videos Being Watched Right Now.” So, if your video is being watched often, it will show up in that feature often, and other people will click on it to see what it is, and the cycle continues.

This is all very new to me, but it’s exciting, and i like to keep track of how things are going, and keep others in the loop, if they’re interested. Other figures on the videos:

Total video views for all One Minute Critic videos, on YouTube: 5, 500 +/-

Total video views of OMC vids via 3,900 +/-

The variants on those figures have to do with the one or two other videos that have been uploaded to these places that skew the numbers, and also that the time between me writing and posting, and you reading will change these numbers some more. Blah blah blah. 🙂

Adding the two numbers together we approach 10,000 total views. Subtract the 1,000 views of One Minute Murakami, and you get an average of about 100 views per video so far. Some videos have as few as 15-20 views total, and several others have close to 200 views, but the bulk of them are on or around the 100 view plateau.

Who are the people watching the videos? Are they patrons of my library? Most of them are not – comments are coming in from all over the US. This should change soon – the OMC is getting a place on the library web page! Woot! I’ll post and link to the videos there when that happens. Thanks for watching, and my local readers/viewers – remember the program is coming up! Click the tab at the top for “About The Program,” and mark your calendar!

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