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One Minute Summons

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“The Summons,” by Peter Lovesey, reviewed.

One Minute Wodehouse

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The merits of P.G. Wodehouse in audio-book form, elaborated upon, what?   Rather!  Pip, pip!

One Minute Silent Planet

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“Out Of The Silent Planet” by C.S. Lewis, reviewed.

One Minute To-Read List #2

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The second installment of my to-read list.  After successfully reading two of the titles on my last to-read list, i thought maybe by posting them as videos, i had created a good incentive to follow up and actually read some of them.  On this list, there’s some mysteries, some classic sci-fi from the 30’s and 40’s, and a couple of odds and ends and surprises.

One Minute Adrift

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“Adrift; 76 Days Lost At Sea” by Steven Callahan, reviewed.

One Minute Murder Mysteries

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“Murder Mysteries,” by Neil Gaiman, reviewed.

One Minute Unicorn

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“The Last Unicorn,” by Peter S. Beagle, reviewed.