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One Minute Le Guin

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“Always Coming Home,” by Ursula K. Le Guin, reviewed.

One Minute Matthew

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“Getting Rid Of matthew” by Jane Fallon, reviewed. 

One Minute Albion

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Something of Albion, by Andre Norton and some other lady, reviewed.

One Minute Lovecraft

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The writing of H.P. Lovecraft, commented upon and reviewed.  Also, the opening sentence of “The Tomb,” which is the essence of Lovecraft.

One Minute Indemnity

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“Double Indemnity,” by James M. Cain, reviewed

One Minute Road

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“The Road,” by Cormac McCarthy, reviewed.

One Minute Lederhosen

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“Clue of the Linoleum Lederhosen,” by M.T. Anderson, reviewed.

One Minute Feed

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“Feed” by M.T. Anderson, reviewed.

One Minute Basilisk

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“On Basilisk Station,” by David Weber, reviewed.

One Minute Geisha

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“Autobiography Of A Geisha,” by Sayo Masuda, reviewed.