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One Minute Llosa

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“Aunt Julia And The Scriptwriter,” by Mario Vargas Llosa

One Minute Vinge

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"Marooned In Realtime" by Vernor Vinge

Great hard scifi from a master of the genre.  Plus, it's a murder mystery, and quite well executed, at that! 

One Minute Murakami

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"The Elephant Vanishes," by Haruki Murakami

Short stories by one of my very favorite authors.

One Minute Popsicle

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A good mystery set in modern Japan, with lots of pop-culture and music references, plenty of interesting characters and humor. 

Hey, did i mention you can make your own videos of yourself talking about books you've read?  Yup, it's true.  Just tag them in or with "oneminutecritic" and i should be able to find them.  Otherwise, send me a link to your video in the comments!  Don't be shy! 

The name

Well, I’ve been looking around online to see who else has anything called “The One Minute Critic,” to make sure that i have a title that’ll stand out and won’t be confused with existing programs, etc.  So far, there are are a couple of possibilities that show up at the top of a google search, but both are/were film review sites.  I supposed the term “critic” might be more associated with film than books, but it’s still the right word for the job, right?  Plus, it makes for a catchy title.

Most results for “One Minute Critic” and for “oneminutecritic” come back with my pages, but so far I’m not at the top of the list.  I’ll have to work on that…

One minute Aird

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Mystery fans unite against evil!

Well, whatever.  Who's the best mystery author?  Come to The One Minute Critic and argue your case!  We want to hear from you! 

One Minute Kuhn

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I love scientific theory.  I am a big nerd.  So what?

One Minute Cook

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I’m trying to balance out the funny stuff with things that are more informative.  We’ll see how it goes, right?

Neat book promo site

Hey, here’s a site that creates “Book Trailers” and puts them on YouTube – little one minute videos that do a movie-like trailer for a book.  I like the idea!  My ability to manipulate video is still very low, as you can see from what i’ve done so far, but who knows what the future holds?

One Minute Mike

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On June 18, 2008, Vancouver Library in Vancouver, Washington will host a new program, "The One Minute Critic." People from the community are invited to come to the library and talk about their favorite (or least favorite) book. Everyone gets about a minute to talk. After their book review, each participant will get a free book to take home with them. Which book, you might ask? Well, it's a surprise, of course!

This video is one of a series of short commercials explaining what not to do at The One Minute Critic. For more information, visit the blog/site for the program at

Hope to see you there!