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Well, the program is moving forward.  Tossing around some ideas about whether or not it should be a single large-scale EVENT, or if it should be a new kind of book group, a sort of BYOB (Bring Your Own Book) group, with a drawing at the end of each month’s discussion period for a free book or two.  I think both methods have merit, and there’s no reason why we couldn’t do both.  With the same expense for 50 books, we could host one event, or give 2-3 books away every month for 3 years.  In the single event, 50 different people get a new book, and in the series, the same core group of people get several new books over the course of the program.

By starting small, we might be able to build a core group that could help ‘evangelize’ about the program in order to make a larger event a success.

The same question always comes up:  How do we market this?  Who do we market it to?  How do we attract people who don’t come to the library?  I’m working on some ideas, and I’ll keep you posted.